Norwegian Geotechnical Institute: Toxins and heavy metals found at the bottom of the Oslo Fjord

Oslo FjordPhoto: Stian Lysberg Solum / NTB

The Norwegian Geotechnical Institute (NGI) has checked the quality of the seabed conditions in the Oslo Fjord. The results show that there are several different environmental toxins in the seabed.

During the autumn of 2020, NGI has carried out an extensive sampling of the bottom sludge in the fjord from a total of 66 stations in 15 sub-areas. 

The sampling was commissioned by the Technical Council for Water and Sewerage Technical Cooperation in the Inner Oslo Fjord.

“Everywhere we have taken samples, we found environmental toxins, including PAH compounds (tar substances), TBT (organotin compounds), and copper. We also found heavy metals such as mercury and lead in many places,” project manager Gøril Aasen Slinde at the NGI noted in a press release.

Several causes

According to the press release, there are probably complex causes for the pollution. There is a lot of car traffic around the Oslo Fjord, which contributes to the pollution.

“In addition, there is pollution from rivers, boats, wood burning, and industry,” Slinde said.

The NGI has also looked at the risk of the pollution spreading and the potential damage it could cause to sea life, in addition to what risk the environmental toxins in the seabed pose to humans.

“There is no acute danger associated with the pollution at the bottom of the fjord. The environmental toxins are far down on the seabed, and few of us will come into direct contact with them. If you are going to eat fish or shellfish from the Oslo Fjord, you must comply with current warnings from the Norwegian Food Safety Authority against consuming cod and mussels,” Slinde added.

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