Norwegian health authorities are preparing for the coronavirus

coronavirusIn this Sunday, Feb. 9, 2020, photo released by Xinhua News Agency, doctors scan a patient's lungs at Huoshenshan temporary hospital built for patients diagnosed with coronavirus in Wuhan in central China's Hubei province. Mainland China has reported another rise in cases of the new virus after a sharp decline the previous day, while the number of deaths grow over 900, with at least two more outside the country. (Gao Xiang/Xinhua via AP)

The health authorities in Norway are preparing for the corona virus to come into the country sooner or later.

Although many people are likely to be infected, Dr. Preben Aavitsland of the Public Health Institute told ABC News that the risk of dying appears to be very low.

“We do not know enough about this virus other than that people with chronic diseases die at a greater extent than healthy people. At the same time, healthy people have also died after being infected by this virus. Therefore, we must certainly take this seriously. This virus can kill anyone,” says Aavitsland.

Hard to know
In Norway, the health authorities are planning on assuming that the virus will soon spread into the Norwegian population.-

“It is very difficult to know how this will develop. If the virus is established, sooner or later it will spread to most countries throughout the world. Probably there is no immunity to this virus among people. Therefore, many will sooner or later be infected. Whether it takes two years or ten years, we do not know,” says the Doctor.

A vaccine against the new coronavirus may be ready in a year and a half, according to the World Health Organization (WHO).

Nobody has been infected in Norway
The Norwegian Institute of Public Health and the Directorate of Health have recently intensified their efforts to inform Norwegians and visitors about the danger of infection.

– “We do not currently have such violent measures in place in Norway, but we certainly take this seriously. We plan that the virus will eventually come to Norway, and sooner or later it will spread. If we combine how quick the infection can spread and a certain proportion will die, there is the chance that there will be many deaths,” Preben Aavitsland points out.

75 people have so far been tested for the covid-19 virus in Norway. No one is, so far, infected in this country.

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  1. Hector Luis Hernandez | 17. February 2020 at 12:55 | Reply

    God morgen … Jeg studerte medisin på Cuba, jeg har ikke praktisert medisin for snart 20 år siden. Jeg har bodd i Norge i 10 år og har fra min erfaring her observert toleransen for vanlig influensa. Vi må be til Gud slik at den ikke kommer her …

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