Norwegian health official on new coronavirus variant: “Sooner or later, it will appear in all countries”

Espen Rostrup NakstadPhoto: Berit Roald / NTB

Assistant health director Espen Nakstad says the new coronavirus mutation that has been detected in the UK will probably appear in all countries, newspaper Dagbladet reports.

On Wednesday, the British authorities confirmed that a new variant of the coronavirus that has been discovered in the UK could be linked to South Africa. 

This variant should be even more contagious than the one that has caused concern in the country in the past.

Norwegian health authorities are following developments closely. 

“We work on the basis of the approach that sooner or later it will appear in all countries,” Nakstad told Dagbladet.

New corona variant related to South Africa

A new mutation of the coronavirus, which has probably occurred in South Africa, has appeared in the UK, the UK’s Minister of Health Matt Hancock revealed on Wednesday.

Two cases of infection with the new mutation have been registered. Both are contacts of people who have traveled from South Africa in recent weeks, Hancock said on Wednesday.

The UK is now introducing travel restrictions for people coming from South Africa. 

According to Hancock, all travelers who have arrived from South Africa in the last two weeks must isolate themselves immediately.

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