Norwegian-Indians hold a memorial in front of Parliament

Photo: Berit Roald / NTB scanpix

The Norwegian-Indian association held a memorial in front of Parliament on Thursday to honor the victims of the terrorist attack in Kashmir last week.

India has accused the Pakistani Islamist group Jaish-e-Mohammed of being behind the attack. The Norwegian-Indian association encourages the Norwegian government to list the group.

“We cannot accept terrorist organizations such as Jaish-e-Mohammed. We, therefore, ask the Norwegian authorities to list the group on the terror list and to work to list them with the UN as well,” says Manoj Mishra, who is one of the initiators of the marking.

Parliamentary representative Himanshu Gulati (Frp) appealed against terror during the memorial and received the petition on behalf of the governmental parties.

“This is a worthy memorial mark for the 42 victims of the terrorist attack and an opportunity for all Norwegians to show that we stand together against terror. I have understood that the Norwegian-Indian association will also hand over a call for terrorist lists to some organizations, and I will bring it to the government,” Gulati says.

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2 Comments on "Norwegian-Indians hold a memorial in front of Parliament"

  1. Dipankar Manna | 23. February 2019 at 05:02 |

    First of all I convey my thanks to ‘Norway Today’ team to report our protest against the hyenas terror attack in Pulwama in 14th February 2019, where more than 40 Indian security personnel were died. The article presented here could be a misleading as some of the words are not framed properly. For instance: 1) “…terrorist attack in Indian-controlled Kashmir last week”- I feel the word Indian-crntrolled Kashmir seems very offensive in Indian context. The reality is that Kashmir is always an integral part of India as the King of Jammu & Kashmir Maharaja Hari Singh signed the Instrument of Accession in October 1947 in the presence of the then governor-general of India Lord Louis Mountbatten. This document was signed in agreement to accede Jammu & Kashmir to the domination of India as the neighbouring country Pakistan illegally attack and occupied part of Kashmir (called PoK, Pakistan occupied Kashmir). 2) “…India has accused the Pakistani Islamist group Jaish-e-Mohammed”- this phrases are also misinterpreted. It’s not India who has accused Pakistan Islamist group Jaish-e-Mohammed rather JeM claimed the responsibility for the deadly attack on CRPF forces in Pulwama. And later on JeM has been isolated globally.
    Therefore, I would like the Norway Today team to reframe the above mentioned sentences to avoid misrepresentation of the facts.

  2. I completely agree with Dipankar. Norway Today team should be more careful before publishing any such news. And should not get biased by somebody who try to tamper the fact – as there are lot of such people live in Norway, who try to mislead the world with wrong interpretation of such commotions, by blaming India rather.

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