Norwegian-Iranian in court in Denmark – accused of planning assassination


The lawsuit against a Norwegian-Iranian accused of espionage on behalf of Iran has started in Roskilde.

The Danish prosecutor’s office believes the man helped the Iranian authorities plan an assassination of an exiled Iranian who has lived in Denmark since 2006.

The 40-year-old Norwegian-Iranian has pleaded not guilty, while Danish authorities believe that the attack was averted only by vigilant Danish police.

The man who was allegedly the target of the assassination was a resident of Ringsted on Zealand, and was wanted by Iranian authorities.

Iranian authorities issued an arrest warrant for the man back in 2008. It was sent to Denmark in 2009, but the Danish authorities did not follow it up. Instead, the exiled Iranian received police protection at one point.

The man is a leading figure in the ASMLA movement, an Arab nationalist rebel group that has been fighting since 1999 for the Iranian province of Khuzestan to become its own Arab state.

Iranian authorities have labeled the group as a terrorist organization.

According to the indictment, the Norwegian-Iranian took pictures and video of the area at the exile’s home on September 25 and 27, 2018. The prosecution believes the material was then delivered to the Iranian intelligence service, which used it to prepare an assassination.

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