Norwegian-Iraqi terrorist convicted in Jordan

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A court in Jordan has sentenced a Norwegian citizen with Iraqi background to 15 years of prison for terrorist planning.

The 49 years old man who has both Norwegian and Iraqi citizenship, was also found guilty for possession of explosives, based on the decision of the security court in Amman.

Norwegian diplomats were presented when the judgment result delivered. The man’s lawyers say they will appeal the decision.

Mentioned Norwegian Iraqi person was arrested last summer in the city Jarash in north of Jordan. He has been in possession of 45 kilograms explosives.

Acquitted of Iran allegations

The man was initially accused of connection to the Quds force, which is the Iranian overseas branch of revolution grades. Security Court acquitted him of these charges.

When he was arrested last year, reported by newspaper Al Rai, it was the first time in ten years that some were taken with such large amounts of explosives in Jordan. According to the newspaper’s information, the man suspected to have planning to carry out a terrorist attack in Saudi Arabia.

Norwegian foreign governments have assisted the man after he was arrested.

The Court now has accused the man guilty and the decision has been criticized by human rights organizations such as Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International about the decision to be politicized and not to give the defendant rightfully access.

Investigated by PST

Police Security Service (PST) has followed the man and been in contact with him over time when he was arrested in Jordan last year. In April last year PST indicted the man for refugee espionage. According to Aftenposten concerned indictment spying on Norwegian-Iranians in Norway.

PST’s press contact Siv Alsén and she confirmed this information against news agency NTB.

– We have had a dialogue with the Jordanian authorities about this person and charged him under the criminal law section 91a for refugee espionage; she said when the case became known in July last year.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today