Norwegian is called out after a policy violation

The Airline NorwegianIllustrasjon.The airline Norwegian.Photo. Norway Today Media

Very few center seats were vacant on Norwegian’s departure DY540 on Friday afternoon from Oslo to Stavanger. Health Minister Bent Høie (Høyre) was on the plane.

“I spoke to other passengers who became uneasy because the rules were not followed. It was not good, because we have given some very clear advice to the airlines that we expect them to follow,” says Health Minister Bent Høie to NRK.

Norwegian apologizes and press officer Andreas Hjørnholm points out that this is a whole new issue, and that the company is working to find out what has happened.

“Many had booked a seat before the leader of the health authorities came. We must do the best we can. We can’t throw people off the plane that already has space,” he says.

Bent Høie says the case will have consequences.

“I am going to ask the Minister of Transport to call the airlines again and tell them that if they do not ensure that the advice is followed, they will be turned into law, which means that they are not allowed to fly without following the rules.”

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2 Comments on "Norwegian is called out after a policy violation"

  1. And was the health minister and everyone on the plane wearing a facemask? … to protect the others in the cabin?

    If he wasn’t, he has next to no rational right to be challenging the airline. The range of droplets is far greater than 1.5 meters … and every other seat is even closer than that.

    Is the cabin air being expelled and/or diluted with outside air … to lower the possible/probable “viral load”/density building up inside?

    Does Bent Høie know what that is?

  2. the virus nd pandemic is a hoax, make normal seats and give us back normal lives. pandemic exists only in the news, that is true and that is a fact. do not let them trick you into this BS. There wasnt and nevet will be any pandemic. demand return pf all your rights immediately.

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