Norwegian Medicines Agency: We can’t rule out rare side effects for the corona vaccine

Corona vaccinePhoto: Oxford University Pool via AP - File

We can’t rule out rare side effects or side effects that appear long after vaccination, the Norwegian Medicines Agency warns.

If everything goes according to plan, the first vaccine will receive temporary approval in Europe by New Year.

“There will be a lot we do not want to know at this time, and we demand that the vaccine manufacturers continue with their studies. 

“Therefore, they will get temporary approval,” director of the Norwegian Medicines Agency Audun Hågå noted.

Among other things, answers are required on how the vaccine works on the elderly and whether rare side effects appear.

“We want to know a lot about common side effects in adults, but we can not rule out rare effects or side effects that appear long after vaccination,” Hågå stated.

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  1. How rare is “rare,” and what are the side effects? A significant number of people who got the adjuvant version of the swine flu vaccine now have lifelong narcolepsy, which is serious, and for them the cure was far worse than the disease.

    But on British Independent someone claimed there is no adjuvant – vaccine amplifier – for these coronavirus vaccine. (True?)

    It is a tough dilemma. Should we hold off on getting the vaccine to better be able to see its side effects … and risk getting coronavirus and *its* side effects? Or should we go ahead and plunge in?

    And again there is the recent article “Antibody-dependent enhancement and SARS-CoV-2 vaccines and therapies”

    Wen Shi Lee, Adam K. Wheatley, Stephen J. Kent & Brandon J. DeKosky

    Nature Microbiology volume 5, pages1185–1191(2020)

    … which says that the vaccine could weaken the body’s immune system to the next edition of coronavirus.

    Tough decision, and I am very glad to infer from the article that Norway’s health authorities are *trying* to be conservative/careful in choosing and deploying a vaccine.

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