Norwegian municipalities will settle 4,400 refugees next year


The Directorate of Integration and Diversity has asked Norwegian municipalities to take in a total of 4,400 refugees in 2018. This is far fewer than in the last two years.

During 2016 and 2017, there were more than 26,000 refugees living in Norway. As a result of the low asylum arrivals this year, only half of the municipalities housing refugees this year will be asked to do so next year.

By the end of October this year, there were 3,236 asylum seekers in Norway. More than half of these are from Eritrea and Syria.

“Those who are requested to receive refugees will also settle far fewer than they have in the last couple of years,” said Libe Rieber-Mohn, Director of IMDi.

Hordaland, which settled 1,439 refugees in 2016, is asked to settle 420 refugees in 2018.  Oslo, which settled 913 refugees in 2016, is asked to receive only 300 refugees next year. Trøndelag is the county that is asked to receive the most, 462 people. Last year the Trøndelag counties, which will merge from the new year, totaled 1,173 refugees.

IMDi states that in order to succeed in integration, the municipalities must work to improve the quality of work to integrate the newly arrived refugees.

“More refugees must get into work, become financially independent and integrate into the community. The municipalities that have the prerequisites for doing a good job are prioritised in the distribution of refugees in 2018, says Rieber-Mohn.

150 of those to be settled in Norway in 2018, are single Minors.

The municipalities have a deadline until 6 January to respond to the request from IMDi.

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  1. Norway is stupid no doubts abt that.Like other European countries.Now they r suffering such as Uk,Germany,France etc.Ur going to migrate Muslims…Would u like to sharia law in ur country.

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