Norwegian Muslims distance themselves from Paris teacher beheading: “It’s anti-Islamic”

Abdirahman DiriyePhoto: Stian Lysberg Solum / NTB

Chairman of the Board of the Islamic Council of Norway Abdirahman Diriye called the murder of a teacher in Paris anti-Islamic.

“Such an act is not in line with Islam, in fact, it is anti-Islamic. We must continue to stand together against all forms of extremism,” Diriye told Vårt Land.

He warned against calling the attack Islamist, as many things have still not been mapped out. 

Other Norwegian Muslims also react strongly to the attack, in which 47-year-old history teacher Samuel Paty had his throat cut after he had shown students controversial caricatures depicting the Prophet Muhammad. 

The suspected perpetrator was shot and killed during the arrest.

“Terrible beheading in France. Muslims who commit such acts in the name of Islam are not defenders of Islam or the Prophet. 

“They are enemies of humanity, Islam, and the prophets of Islam,” commentator and Muslim Mohammad Usman Rana wrote on Twitter on Saturday.

Linda Noor of Minotenk, an organization that works on issues and challenges related to multicultural Norway, called the attack bestial.

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