Norwegian naval contribution in the Gulf of Persia will weaken Norwegian readydness

KNM Thor Heyerdahl.Photo: Jan Kåre Ness / NTB scanpix

Defense scientist Ståle Ulriksen says a Norwegian contribution to a joint naval force in the Gulf of Persia will weaken Norwegian preparedness along the coast.

Norway has been contacted by both British and US authorities to make a contribution to a joint force for patroling the Gulf of Persia. Norway has so far not decided whether they want to contribute with equipment or crews, the newspaper Klassekampen was informed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Researcher Ståle Ulriksen at the Naval War Academy in Bergen tells the newspaper that Norway can in principal contribute with a lot, but that a contribution of a Frigate or Corvettes could cause problems at home. The Navy is struggling with crew shortages and has already committed to more missions than in many years.

If Norway is to contribute, the planned increased patrol along the coast and the escort of Russian warships sailing near Norway must be reduced.

Then you have to concede that the Russians will have to sail without escort, and that we will patrol less in the Northern areas, says Ulriksen.

On Tuesday, Norway will also relinquish the KNM Thor Heyerdahl Frigate to a NATO’s standing Frigate force in the Atlantic for the next four months.

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