Norwegian Parliamentary Ombud criticizes the UDI for long processing time in family immigration cases

Hanne HarlemPhoto: Heiko Junge / NTB

On Wednesday, the ombud criticized the UDI’s case processing in family immigration cases that include children and stated that many cases have unacceptably long processing times.

Long case processing time, in addition to long waiting times for questioning by the police, often leads to unacceptably long waiting times in family immigration cases, the ombud wrote in a report presented on Wednesday.

“To be reunited with the immediate family, as a child and spouse, is a right you have if close family has been granted a residence permit in Norway. The fact that several hundred applicants have been waiting for an answer for around two years or more after applying is something we take very seriously,” Ombud Hanne Harlem stated.

The long wait for family reunification hits children particularly hard, and Harlem says there are reasonable doubts as to whether the UDI’s system for prioritizing children meets the requirements of the Constitution and the Convention on the Rights of the Child regarding the best interests of the child.

“Although the majority of family immigration cases have a processing time of fewer than six months, it is reprehensible that the UDI has had many cases with very long processing times over several years. It is particularly serious that this also applies to many cases concerning children,” Harlem emphasized.

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  1. Kingsley kyei | 16. June 2022 at 12:58 | Reply

    This is true I am a victim of this case I have apply for family reunion and it has taken 2yrs and udi told me they are sorry and they couldn’t tell me any reason why my case has not been processed for the past 2 years. I am even going to give up now .because is not right for anyone who is stay have the right or a citizen working hard paying tax and contribution to the country and want have his family with him or her .and udi will just ignore your family return case and for 2 years still waiting to be processed and processed too will also take how many years mmm please this not good for the country and the udi as a whole body.

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