Norwegian People’s Aid wants Ministry of Foreign Affairs to react to British nuclear weapons plan

Henriette Killi WesthrinPhoto: Håkon Mosvold Larsen / NTB

The United Kingdom launched plans to upgrade its nuclear arsenal, and Norwegian People’s Aid wants a reaction from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The International Campaign to Ban Nuclear Weapons (ICAN) says the decision is a breach of intent in the Non-Proliferation Treaty.

“If Norway can’t go public and condemn this, we will send a dangerous signal. Then we also contribute to weakening the Non-Proliferation Treaty and to making the disarmament and armaments control work more difficult,” Secretary-General Henriette Westhrin of Norwegian People’s Aid noted.

Britain wants to increase the number of its nuclear warheads from 180 to around 260. The British authorities believe that ongoing threats mean that it is no longer possible to stick to commitments to reduce the number of nuclear weapons.

“The government has not wanted to support the UN Treaty banning nuclear weapons because it believes the non-proliferation agreement is the only way to a world without nuclear weapons. Then, it becomes extra irresponsible if Norway does not now stand up for the non-proliferation agreement,” Westhrin said.

Russia has condemned Britain’s plans, which have also been criticized by German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas.

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1 Comment on "Norwegian People’s Aid wants Ministry of Foreign Affairs to react to British nuclear weapons plan"

  1. The unanswered question here is whether or not NATO ballistic missile submarines are hiding out in Norwegian fjords – very much the “mobile bases” Defence Minister Frank Bakke-Jensen enthuses about – which may explain the Russian submarine activity off Norway’s coast.

    If Biden and the other Western neocons’/”liberal interventionists”‘ “assertive” “global muscular liberalism” does start World War 3 and the above is true, the Russians are going to have to nuke one Norwegian fjord after another, and the radioactive water that washes over Norway will be *intense*.

    (It will also be intense coming over from Britain which has before Biden’s election made itself Russia’s principal enemy.)

    There must be sivillforvars/civil defense preparations for every person in Norway, not just the elites, and that means big-enough bomb or at least fallout shelters stocked with 3 months of water, food, sanitation items including diapers, ….

    Last I heard, from FFI’s Per Brekke no less, there were only fallout shelters for half of Norway’s enlarged population now, and the NRK De Glemte Rommene investigative report program showed what horrible condition most of those are in.

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