Norwegian police: No more advice and guidelines – breaches of corona rules will now be reported

Heidi KløkstadPhoto: Stian Lysberg Solum / Scanpix

The police in Nordland and several other police districts say that, as a rule, people who break the infection control rules will be reported from now.

In line with the increased risk of infection and stricter infection control rules in many places, several police districts are sharpening their reactions to breaches of corona rules. 

In a press release on Friday afternoon, Chief of Police Heidi Kløkstad said that the new infection situation in Nordland would also lead to different police reactions.

Until now, it has been common for the police to provide advice and guidance in the event of a breach of the infection control regulations. 

From now, breaches will be reported, and offenders will be fined up to NOK 20,000 per case. 

In the event of repeated breaches or other aggravating circumstances, the fines will increase, Kløkstad noted.

Parties and quarantine breaches

“Punishment is not a goal in itself. The most important thing is that people comply with the rules and recommendations given by the authorities. 

“Everyone can help reduce infection by complying with the recommendations from the health authorities,” the Southeast Police District wrote in its briefing on Friday.

The same rules are also being introduced in the Troms Police District.

“This applies to, among other things, breaches of quarantine and private parties that break the control infection rules,” the police stated on Friday afternoon.

In Tromsø municipality, a ban was introduced on Tuesday against arranging or attending private gatherings in one’s own home, garden, or cottage with more than ten people.

Bergen has seen a sharp rise in the number of new infections in recent days. 

In the last 24 hours alone, 103 new infections have been registered in the city. 

Bergen’s police are also tightening up its practices. 

“It is quite obvious that this is not the time to break the rules and guidelines,” prosecutor Gunnar Fløystad in the Wester Police District told BA on Friday afternoon.

Active spread of infection

Oslo already announced on Thursday that there would be a change of attitude from the police regarding violations of the infection control rules.

“We will now report breaches of the infection control regulations when it comes to active spread of infection, breaches of quarantine, repeated breaches, and non-compliance with the rules,” press manager Unni T. Grøndal noted.

Police Director Benedicte Bjørnland believes the police should use more resources to ensure that the infection control rules are complied with.

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