Norwegian police receive almost 100 tips after fatal fire in Moelv

Moelv firePhoto: Geir Olsen / NTB

The fire in Moelv last week in which two men died is still under investigation. The police are working diligently to clarify whether anything criminal has happened.

They have received close to a hundred tips about the fire on Wednesday, September 30.

“Several interesting tips have come in. We are working continuously to investigate them,” Police Attorney Nina Helmersen Østvold of the Innlandet police district said.

The police still want tips from people with dashboard cameras who have recordings from Gjøvik center from all of Tuesday, September 29, until 7 o’clock on Wednesday morning, September 30.

“We are now working on mapping the movements of the two deceased in advance of the fire. It is natural to research places in Gjøvik where they may have stayed. We are trying to fill in the gaps in the timeline,” she said to news bureau NTB.

Demanding and laborious

Østvold describes the job of going through the materials from surveillance cameras in Gjøvik that the police have secured as demanding and painstaking.

“Now, we are trying to get an overview of everything, where the two men have been and who they have talked to.”

The autopsy reports

There is an ongoing assessment of whether the police will issue information from the two deceased men’s preliminary autopsy reports.

“Based on what we obtain continuously in the case, we will assess it in the future. But there is a reason why those reports are preliminary, and that also limits this a lot,” the police attorney noted.

The police will continue to work on the case over the weekend, and first and foremost, on processing the material that has been obtained.

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