The Norwegian Police Security Service (PST) say that extreme ‘Islamists’ remain Norway’s biggest terrorist threat

PST right-wing extremist terrorism spy indicted RussianNorwegian Police Security Service (PST) headquarters. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Extreme ‘Islamists’ remain the biggest terrorist threat against Norway believe the PST, who have few misgivings about right-wing extremists conducting terrorist attacks in Norway.

The PST, who are under the direct control of the Ministry of Justice and Public Security, and are monitored by the Norwegian Parliamentary Intelligence Oversight Committee, presented its threat assessment for 2017 on Wednesday.

The PST considers it possible that terrorist attacks could be carried out in Norway by extreme Islamists this year, though several other European countries are more at risk.

The threat assessment forecasts that the number of new people who are radicalising will remain low, and very few people are expected to travel from Norway to join the extremist group, ‘Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant’ (IS).

The assessment report states that is unlikely terrorist attacks will be carried out by right wing or left wing extremist organisations.

The Norwegian Police Security Service believe that Norway is exposed to foreign intelligence activities that may have the potential to cause problems in 2017.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today