Norwegian Police Security Service says twice as many terrorist attacks in Europe so far this year as in 2014

PST right-wing extremist terrorism spy indicted RussianNorwegian Police Security Service (PST) headquarters. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

The Police Security Service (PST) has shown a significant increase in terrorist attacks in Europe in recent years.


The PST constantly face major challenges in clarifying European terrorist networks’ ties to Norway, due to its large scale, reported VG newspaper.

‘We evaluate these events. Will it affect us? Is there a connection to Norway? Are there any connection links or phone numbers? Have those who carried out terror in London or Paris had contacts in Norway? These are reviews we do, 24/7, said PST chief, Benedicte Bjørnland.

PST counted 15 attacks in Europe in 2014. In 2016 there were 21 attacks.

Since the beginning of April, PST has considered it ‘likely that terror attacks can be tried against Norway’.

‘We will produce a new assessment soon in connection to our national threat assessment at the beginning of January.

Then we’ll see how it has developed’, said Bjørnland.


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