Norwegian politicians warned against foreign hacking


The National Security Authority (NSM) does not rule out foreign powers trying to influence this year’s parliamentary elections. Norwegian politicians have been urged to be cautious.

Hacking of the Democratic Party in the U.S.A. has led the European countries, including Norway, to prepare for similar experiences’, reported VG newspaper.

‘Anyone who has a role in the election in Norway in 2017, from officers and employees of the parties, to the politicians themselves, should keep in mind that they may be of interest to succumb to hacking. The most common way to get hacked is via email. Therefore, be cautious when clicking on links in emails’, said information chief, Trond Øvstedal, of the National Security Authority (NSM).

U.S. intelligence authorities believe Russia was behind hacking the Democrats in an effort to help Donald Trump to power.

Author, Andrei Soldatov, wrote a new book about Russian hacking, ‘The Red Web’, and believes Europe must prepare for similar forays.

‘Those behind the hacking of the Democratic server did not expect there would be so much talk about them, and all the attention they received has inspired them to think that they can repeat the ‘success’ in other countries’, said Soldatov.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today