Norwegian behind probably the world’s first electric seaplane

electric seaplaneElectric seaplane.Photo: Monica Strømdahl / NTB scanpix

Thomas Brødreskift (36) has built what is probably the world’s first electric seaplane. He hopes it will be an environmentally friendly alternative to other transport.

“Imagine a network of efficient, and quiet electrical naval ports in the fjords along the coast, bringing people into the cities and the main airports,” Brødreskift said to VG newspaper.

He began to look at aircraft for his master’s thesis at the Architecture and Design College in Oslo in 2009.

Brødreskift’s aircraft will create a huge saving for society by using the air instead of building expensive infrastructure on land.

The aircraft will be tested in the air for the first time in the spring.

“After eight years of design and construction, of both aircraft and engine systems, it’s natural to be a little nervous, but I think it’s going well,” he told the newspaper.

© NTB Scanpix / Norway Today