Norwegian Red Cross: Thick ice is not necessarily safe

Photo: Julian Vinci / Unsplash

The Red Cross asks hikers to be aware of unsafe ice at Easter. The fine weather that characterizes large parts of the country also affects the ice.

“When the winter season starts, five centimeters of ice can provide fantastic conditions for ice skating and other activities. It is hard and safe. But towards the end of the season, we can have completely different conditions,” Henrik Høilo in the Red Cross warned.

Although the ice looks nice and safe, it can also be fragile, making it easier to crack. You can suddenly fall through the ice even 20 to 30 cm thick, Høilo warned.

He encouraged hikers to bring along safety equipment whenever they plan to travel on the ice. If you fall through the ice, it is important not to panic and to try to keep your head and upper half of your body above water.

Source: © NTB Scanpix / #Norway Today / #NorwayTodayNews

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