Norwegian refuses to reimburse the fee for hand luggage despite a decision by the Air Appeals Board

NorwegianNorwegian.Photo: Norway Today Media

The Transport Appeals Board upheld four passengers claiming that Norwegians’ charge of carrying too heavy hand luggage was illegal. However, Norwegian refuses to refund the fee.

Norwegian has considered the decision by the board and has stated that the company in principle disagrees with the decision and their reasons, according to Flysmart 24.

Therefore, the company will not refund the amount.

Four passengers were charged a fee of NOK 750 each, according to Norwegian, having carried hand luggage that weighed more than the 10 kilos allowed on the company’s flights.

The passengers thought the fee was given on the wrong basis and were upheld by the Air Appeals Board, which stated that Norwegian could not document that the luggage had been too heavy.

– It must be expected that the airline writes a receipt stating the reason for the fee and where it is documented that the luggage was too large or heavy in accordance with the regulations, the board felt. Norwegian had not.

The company does not want to comment on the matter, writes Flysmart 24.

Norwegian has introduced new baggage rules, which means that customers must pay for hand luggage that will not fit under the seat.

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  1. jezarell Sandnes | 29. January 2020 at 17:38 | Reply

    I won’t fly the norwegian airlines anymore! Only them is charge for hand carry that we suppose to have

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