Norwegian researchers believe that the Coronavirus does not have a natural origin

Korona test center outpatient clinic Ullevål hospitalKorona test center outpatient clinic Ullevål hospital.Photo: Terje Bendiksby / NTB scanpix


The Coronovirus has not originated naturally but was probably developed by Chinese and American scientists, according to a Norwegian vaccine scientist.

Vaccine scientist Birger Sørensen shows in a study that the so-called spike protein of the virus contains sequences that appear to have been inserted artificially, reports NRK.

Sørensen has collaborated with British professor Angus Dalgliesh, and the recent study is published in the journal Quarterly Review of Biophysics.

“When we technically describe the virus, we see that it has not come about as a natural development. It’s done by the Americans and Chinese as part of what’s called “gain of function” studies. It is being done all over the world. You say you don’t, but it happens all the time in advanced labs,” said Sørensen.

The study points out that the Coronavirus has almost not mutated since it started transmitting between humans, which may indicate that the virus was already adapted to humans. Sørensen emphasizes that it is uncommon for viruses when they cross the species barriers.

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