Norwegian-Romanian couple get back kids

Picture fom the demonstration "SEND CHILDREN HOME"Oslo.Picture fom the demonstration "SEND CHILDREN HOME" : Ole Berg-Rusten / NTB Scanpix

The Norwegian-Romanian couple in Naustdal who were stripped of their five children by child welfare are now getting the kids back. The case had aroused strong reactions and led to demonstrations in several countries.

“The child welfare service in Naustdal municipality and the private parties in question have agreed to the return of children to their parents and to an agreement of cooperation for assistance measures for both parents and children,” said the law firm Stiegler in a statement.
Under the agreement, Naustdal municipality and the parents are now entering a new phase where they both try to create a stable and safe situation for the family.
Last December, the parents were deprived of their five children by child welfare authorities and charged with domestic violence. The case, which is still under investigation, has led to several demonstrations in Europe and North America in support of the couple.
In an interview on Romanian television, the couple admitted that they had spanked and pulled the ears of the children, even though they knew that such upbringing methods are illegal in Norway.
After protests in several countries, in early May the Foreign Ministry invited embassies to Oslo for an information meeting in an attempt to correct the impression created by the Norwegian child welfare abroad.
The law firm Stiegler states that parties to the proceedings now want peace for the sake of the children.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today