Norwegian school cancelled Easter event because it was a Christian tradition

Easter eggPainting Easter eggs are a favourite among the kids. Photo: Pixabay

For many years it has been a solid tradition that students and staff at Salangen school in Troms perform their Easter Passion in words and music in Salangen church. But from this year there will be no more Easter plays in the church hall.

This reports the newspaper Salangen News.

The reason is that Easter is a Christian tradition and that the school wants to include those with another belief system.

– Salangen school is an inclusive school, which means we will do the best we can to avoid exclusion of any kind. The Easter play is based on the Christian faith, and we can not proclaim Christian religion or exclude students and parents of other faiths. It limits what is permitted by the curriculum, the principal at  Salangen school, Lars-Georg Nordhus , told Salangen news.

Nordhus states that the school still have  some kind of term end with songs, music and plays, but points out that it must be “inclusive” for all families.


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2 Comments on "Norwegian school cancelled Easter event because it was a Christian tradition"

  1. One with a pen name | 28. March 2018 at 09:58 |

    It is a misery to read such an article from a Christian country. Christianity may have made serious errors in the past, as well as all other religions and political ideologies including capitalism and communism. But the problem lies with people not with the religions, philosophies or ideologies. In such a situation, is a Godless or Atheist Norway better than Christianity. Christianity unlike Islam preaches peace and love. So, does the government feel no responsibility when a small school denies the Christian students their right? If it wants to include student with other religions, it can let them do their own ceremony also. It must teach tolerance not break tradition. The other religions came just now to Norway as refugees. Maybe tomorrow, they will be a menace to Norway. I strongly advise Norwegians to be careful with their religion and tradition.

  2. This is more of the tail wagging the dog. Will it take the imposition of sharia law and further erosion of western cultures for Europe to wake up to the Islamist dangers posed.

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