Norwegian scientists are researching whether sunbathing can protect against coronavirus

SunbathingPhoto: Ferran Feixas / Unsplash

Norwegian researchers are investigating whether sunbathing can have an effect on coronavirus infection.

Over 140,000 Norwegians are part of the large corona study. 

During three rounds, the subjects had to answer questions about themselves, life, and COVID-19. 

In the last round, there were several questions about sunbathing, Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) reported in July.

“We wonder if there is something positive about sunbathing, and it would be very nice if we find something useful to society. Something we could use to work against the virus,” scientist and physician Arne Søraas, who leads the study at Oslo University Hospital, stated at the time.

Vitamin D

Researchers around the world wonder whether vitamin D is particularly useful in the context of the pandemic. 

“Data may indicate that vitamin D provides some protection against severe COVID-19,” Søraas said.

There is relatively little published research on vitamin D in connection with the infection. 

Some studies find no correlation, while other studies suggest that there can be a very clear link.

A group of Chinese scientists produced a hitherto unpublished study in June that concluded that vitamin D reduced the viral load in infected human cells.

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