Norwegian Singer charged with DUI

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A well-known female Norwegian singing artist is facing police charges; accused of operating a motor vehicle within Oslo city limits with a blood alcohol content (BAC) more than 2%, and further charged with interfering with a public official.


As first reported in VG : Police allege that in September 2017, the woman was operating a motor vehicle within Oslo city center & did cause a traffic accident resulting in damage to one or more vehicles at about 13.30 in the afternoon.

According to police; upon police first arriving at the scene, the woman artist allegedly became irate & confrontational; screaming and/or yelling at police & continually interfering with the official accident investigation.

2 hours after the accident, a blood test was performed upon the woman driver indicating a blood alcohol level of over 2% ; incurring the criminal charge of operating a motor vehicle upon public roads while intoxicated.

Her behavior against the police at the accident scene brought further charges of interfering with a public official while in the commission of duty.

The manager for the well-known female artist spoke with VG, saying that ‘they’ disagree with police charges and intend to deny the accusations in court.

The Norwegian singer is highly visible within the public-eye and been featured on top-selling ‘Hit Lists’ ; both within Norway and abroad.

The case is due to be heard within Oslo District Court this coming May 24th.

In Norway, if a driver has a blood alcohol content of .02 – .05, they may lose their driving license for up to one year and may also receive monetary fines equal to almost 2 month’s of the offender’s salary (monetary fines are always scaled to reflect the violator’s income status).

For a first-time offense in District Court for DUI; a BAC of over 1.2% normally generates a monetary fine of 1 ½ month’s salary, and also carries a mandatory sentence of a minimum 21 days in jail.

A second DUI offense can carry a penalty of up to 5 years in prison.


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