Norwegian that threatened the police will not be released on bail

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The Norwegian man who has been arrested in the US after sending threatening messages to the police, has in interrogations told that his behavior is due to him having Asperger syndrome.

During a hearing in Portland in the state of Maine Tuesday it was decided that the 28-year-old will not be released on bail, according to BDN Portland. The judge believes there is a danger that he will submit new threats, or he will go back to Norway and not appear in court if he is released.

The 28-year-old is charged with having sent threatening messages.
– With a number of emails and electronic communications the accused created considerable danger in Portland, said the judge.

The Norwegian man was on vacation in the United States with his father and sister when he sent several threatening emails to the police and the American media. The Norwegian threatened among other things to use the same weapon that was used in the attack against a nightclub for gays in Orlando, Florida, where 49 people were killed.

An FBI investigator told the hearing that the Norwegian is obsessed with the American police force, and that he apparently wanted to be arrested.

He also said that the Norwegian explained that if he had known about the Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump coming to town on Thursday of last week, he would have waited a day before sending threats.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today