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Norwegian tourists affected by stomach virus on Gran Canaria

Drunken Norwegians creates problems in ThailandCactus.Photo Norway Today media


Ving has been informed that 104 Scandinavian’s residing at their hotel at Arguineguin have been affected by a stomach virus. 34 of them are Norwegians.

– When people live in close quarters together in hotels, this can happen, and in seasons like this, where the weather in Norway is slightly unstable, people can bring viruses with them advises press person on duty, Sophie Damsund fromVing to the newspaper Dagbladet.

In late November and early December the travel company started to receive messages about nausea, diarrhea and viral symptoms.

– Samples have been taken in both pools and food without having found any source of where the virus comes from, so we believe it is only a common stomach virus and encourage people to be careful with hygiene, says Damsund.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today


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