Norwegian vaccine expert: The effect of the corona vaccine will affect who gets it first

Geir BukholmPhoto: Terje Pedersen / NTB

It is not yet clear how the vaccines against the coronavirus will work and what kind of effect they will have. The effect will affect who gets the vaccines first.

Geir Bukholm, who leads the vaccine work at the National Institute of Public Health (FHI), informed newspaper Aftenposten that the vaccines would have different effects. 

Some will work in a way that vulnerable patients do not become so seriously ill that they need a respirator or die. 

At the same time, some will also have a significant effect on reducing infection.

“When we finally recommend who should get the vaccine first, it will be based on ethics and knowledge of the vaccine’s properties,” Bukholm told the newspaper.

Ethical principles for prioritization

An ethics committee has been set up to present proposals on values ​​and ethical principles for prioritization. 

The process will take place well before a vaccine is available in Norway.

Bukholm says that making recommendations also includes assessing those who are particularly vulnerable to infection and those who have critical societal functions.

Earlier this month, the Norwegian government announced that the coronavirus vaccine would be free in Norway.

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