Norwegian rescued from a volcano on Bali

Mount Agung Bali Volcano, MountainMount Agung (Bali) eruption in 2017. Photo: /Michael W. Ishak (

Norwegian tourist brought down from a volcano on Bali

A Norwegian and a Dutch tourist in their twenties were Friday night brought down from the Agung volcano on the tourist island of Bali in Indonesia, according to the Jakarta Post.

Rescue workers and a number of volunteers moved out on Friday to look for the two tourists who had gone astray, writes the Indonesian newspaper The Jakarta Post.

The tourists, both males in their early twenties,  were eventually found around 1.5 kilometres from the crater of the volcano. They were very fatigued and had run out of food.

“They were brought to the nearest police station for questioning. They were also made aware that mountain tours in this area are prohibited,” a spokesperson for the Indonesian authorities states.

The Bali government has banned hiking at the volcano after it became active in 2017. People are warned not to stray closer than four kilometres from the crater.

Mount Agung has repeatedly erupted since 2017. The most recent eruption took place on Thursday evening with a column of ash into the sky. Although it was not visible from the volcano’s observatory, residents living in other parts of Karangasem witnessed the spewing of ash. On March 17th, Mount Agung erupted twice within a day, spewing ash between 500 and 600 meters high. The eruption followed another eruption on March 15th, when the volcano spewed volcanic ash up to 1,000 m high. 

In the 1960s, it had an eruption that cost over 1,600 persons their lives.

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