Norwegian voters have spoken: Climate is most important

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For the first time, climate change is at the top of the list of the most important political issues in Norway.

A total of 49 per cent of those surveyed now believe that climate change is one of the three biggest challenges Norway faces.

This is according to the Climate Barometer 2019 (Klimabarometeret), a large survey conducted by Kantar.

Climate is thus at the top of the list of the 14 most important political issues in Norway. Number two on the list is health and care, which was ticked off by 45 per cent of those surveyed, while immigration and integration fall to third place with a support of 35 per cent.

This is the first time that the climate has been at the top of the survey, which has been carried out for the 10th consecutive year.

Age gap
The rise in climate awareness comes after a year of massive demonstrations in a number of European countries, led by Swede Greta Thunberg and her school strike for the climate.

In just six months, the proportion of respondents looking at climate as one of the most important issues has increased by 11 percentage points.

The survey also shows that there is a difference at 45 years. Those who are under 45 have climate change as their most important issue. Those over 45, however, are most concerned with health and care. Kantar indicates that many people come into contact with the health care system in this later phase of life, and that it may therefore appear that they respond to their own, close needs.

Political axis
The political differences are also evident. Among those who support MDG (Green Party), 88 per cent say that climate is one of the most important issues. The share is 80 percent for SV (Socialist Left Party) voters, 69 percent for Venstre (Liberal Party) voters and 65 percent for Rødt (Red Party) voters.

FrP (Progress Party) lies at the opposite end. Only 13 per cent of the FrP voters in the survey cite climate as one of the three biggest challenges. Instead, the FrP voters are concerned with immigration, health, crime and transport.

According to Kantar, the government’s efforts in climate policy is mediocre. A common criticism is that there is much talk and little action.

Many of the respondents – 44 per cent – also believe that Norway should spend more money on climate measures. Only 18 per cent think that less should be spent.

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  1. Fjorns used to be glaciers. Now they’re rocks. No kidding climate change is serious.

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