Norwegian woman on the run from child welfare arrested in Sweden

Swedish flagSwedish flag.Photo:Pixabay

A Norwegian woman who was wanted throughout Europe for suspected care evasion, was arrested on Tuesday night in Sweden.

‘’The woman’s two children are being cared for by the Swedish child welfare service and are in good hands, and that is our main concern here’’ said police lawyer, Pia Sofie Reppen,of Oslo police district to NTB news.

She said that the case has been going on since July 2018 and that it has always been active.

The mother was sitting in a car driven by a 50-year-old woman. Swedish police tried to stop the car just before the clock outside Växjö in Småland on Monday night.

The car would not stop, but just before 21.00, the journey ended.

When the car stopped, another woman and two children walked off and ran to the forest. After a large action with dog patrols, the police found the three at 01.30. Train traffic between Diö and Vislanda in Sweden was stopped for one hour as a result of the search. It turned out then that the woman and her two children were wanted internationally.

According to Smålandsposten newspaper, the children are now being taken care of by Swedish social services.

The woman who drove the car has been arrested, suspected of having tried to get away from a traffic accident after colliding with a police car. She is also suspected of attempting serious violence since she had tried to run over a police officer in connection with the car crash said Swedish police.

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