Norwegian women beaten up during quarrel over toilet paper in Pakistan

Toilet paper runny tummyToilet paper is a much used commodity on the Askøy Island, after a massive outbreak of runny tummies. Photo: NTM

A Norwegian mother and her two daughters were beaten, kicked and tugged at Islamabad airport after they had asked for toilet paper from an employee of the immigration authorities.

Amateur footage of the Norwegian women, who are beaten and tugged at the airport in Islamabad in Pakistan, is now spreading on social media and foreign media.

The Norwegian family of four was to go home to Oslo on Saturday April 15th, but they never got on the plane. Several of them instead ended up in hospital.

Passenger filmed

The dispute started over toilet paper. One of the victims has been interviewed by the Pakistani newspaper Express Tribune. There the Norwegian woman describes the event in detail. She says that her daughter asked for toilet paper from one of the women who worked at the airport and who stood outside a toilet.

The woman was been offended by the request, and answered that she worked in immigration and was not employed to provide toilet paper. After some bickering the whole affair developed into physical altercation.

– When we were waiting in line, the woman came and took passports and boarding passes from us. She tore them to pieces, the woman told the newspaper.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (UD) are involved.

The incident has aroused a lot of reactions in Pakistan and today the customs official at the airport was suspended by the Pakistani Federal Investigative Agency (FIA). After what TV2 has been informed a number of victims were treated in a hospital in the city of Rawalpindi.

The family is now heading back to Norway.

– The Foreign Service is familiar with the incident at the airport in Islamabad where Norwegian citizens were involved. The Norwegian Embassy inIslamabad is in contact with the family and consular assistance is provided in accordance within the applicable limits. The Foreign Service can not comment on details of an ongoing consular matter, Communications Consultant in the Ministry, Astrid Sehl, told TV2.

The video clip is available at TV2.


Source: TV2 / Norway Today




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  1. there are always 2 sides of the story. The overall situation is really sad. 🙁 Cannot make out from the video who is crossing the line.

  2. amna sheikh | 25. April 2017 at 23:45 |

    As nicky commented hard to see who instigated the fight but a simple request for toilet paper should not have lead to such harsh abuse and humiliation at the hands of the officer…surely they are trained to deal with difficult passengers..I can’t believe officer was merely suspended..she should have been dismissed and the audience. .sorry. .Other officers standing idle while this was going on should be suspended. for thought…

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