Norwegian womens’ custody in Dubai extended


The authorities in Dubai have extended the custody of the two Norwegian women who are imprisoned in the country. Their case will be heard in court on July the 8th said the womens’ family.


What the women are charged with is still unknown.

The father of one woman told NRK that they had hoped the Norwegian authorities would intervene, but Frode Overland Andersen, Communications Director of the
Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said Norway could not interfere with a criminal case under investigation in another country.
“Norwegian authorities would not have accepted that a foreign embassy in Norway had done it to Norwegian police.This is a matter between the two women and the authorities in Dubai,’’said Andersen to NRK news.

He stated that foreign affairs department (UD) is providing consular assistance to the two Norwegian citizens, and that Norwegian authorities can assess further measures in matters of life and health.

One of the women has lived and worked in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates for four years. The other was a friend visiting her for a week.

The womens’ arrest took place on Wednesday, April the 18th in a private apartment. The two were arrested during a police raid together with more people of other nationalities who were also present at the party.

The father informed NRK news that the families have hired several lawyers, and that the investigation of the two Norwegians has been completed, but that the others taken in the same raid are still under investigation.

“Until that is completed, lawyers have nothing to do. Nor have they received information on the matter. There has not been any official sentencing on any of those involved yet,” said the father.


© NTB scanpix / #Norway Today