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Norwegian youth are spoiled



It is a major societal problem that Norwegian youth have become so spoiled that they will not take jobs that Swedes want, said NHO’s top boss, Stein Lier-Hansen.


Lier-Hansen told VG newspaper that unemployment rates,which are still falling, lie and that there are many who don’t work that the public pays for.

“Norwegian youth today have such good schemes from the public fund and from parents that they do not have to work.

The OECD has long shown that we have public schemes that are too good and do not give us incentives to work,’’ said the Norwegian Industry Director to the newspaper.

He said it has evolved into a culture where Norwegians find it quite natural that there are Swedes serving beer and food at the venues, and that it is Eastern Europeans who paint the houses and pick the strawberries we eat.

“I want to say,” when our young people have become spoiled,it doesn’t matter that foreigners are doing those jobs” said Lier-Hansen, who wants us to wake up before it’s too late:

“We will not remain the world’s best country to live in if we allow so many people of working age not to work.This will not be tolerated by the Norwegian economy in the future.

Norwegian youth are spoiled,’’ said Lier-Hansen.


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  1. Parents fault, they should tell them to go out and get a job!

  2. He`s right !

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