Norwegians and Swedes underestimate each other

Norwegian and Swedish flagNorwegian and Swedish flag.Photo: Pixabay

A recent study reveals that Norwegians and Swedes know little about how dependent we are on each other. We also have quite stereotypical views.

For the first time, the Norwegian embassy in Sweden has collaborated with its Swedish counterpart in Norway on an investigation to see what the brother people think and know about each other. The survey was conducted by Novus and Respons on behalf of the embassies and carried out in April / May this year, writes Aftenposten.

When asked if they know any names from the entertainment world, 48 per cent of Swedes and 39 per cent of Norwegians cannot mention a single name. Those who manage to cough up something know best about Abba and Astrid Lindgren in Sweden, while the best known Norwegian in Sweden is Fredrik Skavlan.

While 97 per cent of Norwegians have actually been to Sweden, more than one in five Swedes has never set foot in Norway.

Even more clearly, the stereotypes become when to associate freely. Norwegians think impulsively trading, Volvo and Ikea about Swedes, while the swedish brothers thinks mostly about oil, before it comes up with natural associations: mountains, fjords, skis, nature and salmon.

Both Swedes and Norwegians believe they trade less with each other than they actually do, and that countries like the US and China are more important.

– Swedes underestimate Norwegians and Norwegians underestimate Swedes. We are more important to each other than we think, says Norwegian Ambassador to Stockholm Christian Syse in a comment on the findings around trade.

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