Norwegians are becoming less worried about getting infected

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39 percent of those surveyed in a new survey state that they are worried about getting corona infected. The figure is lower than in August, when it was at its highest.

The peak was reached in week 33, when 46 percent said they were worried about getting infected, according to the Norwegian Corona Monitor from Opinion.

– “It has been almost half a year since Norway closed down. We are today as worried about the Coronavirus as we were in March, but passed the peak of concern in August,” says senior adviser Nora Clausen in Opinion.

In the new survey, 24 percent of the population state that they trust that most people in Norway follow advice and guidelines to avoid infection. A majority of 55 percent answer no to this, while the rest answer “do not know”. Confidence has fallen every month from May to August, and in week 33 it was only 16 percent.

– “Most people still do not trust that most people avoid infection. Nevertheless, the current trend is that we are starting to trust each other a little more,” says Clausen.

In May, 52 percent had confidence that people follow the Coronavirus advice, restrictions and guidelines.

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