Norwegians believe that speed limits in the country are high enough

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More than seven out of ten Norwegians believe the speed limits in Norway are correct or should have been lower, shows a new survey from Trygg Trafikk.

64 percent think the speed limits are good as they are, while 8 percent think they should be lower on many roads.

72 percent oppose raising the speed limits. The survey was conducted by Kantar on behalf of Trygg Trafikk.

– “This shows that most people think speed limits are fast enough on Norwegian roads. There is a clear connection between speed and accidents, and we are pleased to see that the majority obviously see this,” says Bård Morten Johansen, senior adviser at Trygg Trafikk in a press release.
Compared with a similar survey last year, fewer people wanted higher speed limits in 2020 than in 2019. Last year, 37 percent of those who wanted higher limits answered, compared with 25 percent this year.

Of those who want higher speed, 32 percent are men, while 18 percent are women. In terms of age, most people want higher speeds in the group between 45 and 59 years.

– “Older men have long been overrepresented in accident statistics. Then it is a little worrying that so many men and so many middle-aged people are eager for higher speed limits,” says Johansen.

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