Norwegians can stay in the UK also after a potential No deal

Prime Minister Erna Solberg and UK Prime Minister Theresa MayPrime Minister Erna Solberg and UK Prime Minister Theresa May.Photo: Håkon Mosvold Larsen / NTB scanpix

British citizens in Norway and Norwegians in the UK may stay on the same terms as now, even if there is no Brexit agreement, confirmed the prime ministers Solberg and May.

This question has been unclear until now, and at worst people could  have lost work permits and residential rights. But today, Theresa May and Erna Solberg (H) confirmed that today’s practice will continue, regardless of the outcome of the Brexit negotiations.

“We hope and believe that the UK and the EU will come up with a solution to the remaining issues in the negotiations. It is in Norway’s interest that they find a good way to solve this. And we want close cooperation with Britain even after they leave the EU, Prime Minister Solberg said.

“As regards to Brexit, it is top priority for us to secure the rights of our UK citizens  in Norway. We are pleased that we are very close to agreeing on a scheme, “she continued.

Deadline 29 March
The Norwegian prime minister could announce that she, along with her British colleague, has looked at a plan for what might happen, even if there is no Brexit agreement. The deadline for this is March 29 next year, excactly two years after the British started their negotiating process.

“Should there be no deal between the EU and the UK, I can confirm that Prime Minister May and I agree that Norway and the UK will enter into a comprehensive agreement. We will continue to treat all British citizens living in Norway so that they get the same opportunities they have had before. This will be reassuring for the future of Brits in Norway and their families. They are welcome to stay, “said Erna Solberg.

First visit
Theresa May’s visit to Norway is her first as prime minister.

“I look forward to talking about how we can improve our trade relations in the future, but also how we can work together on issues such as security and defense,” said the British prime minister, who wishes to build on cooperation when the country leaves the EU.

May thanked Solberg for promising to give the same opportunities to Brits living in Norway if there is no Brexit agreement – and committed to do the same for Norwegian citizens living in the UK.

– We want them to stay. They are part of our nation and our society, “said the British prime minister.

Praised Scandinavia
During her visit to Norway, Theresa May also spoke in Parliament during the opening of the Nordic Council Session. Here too, she emphasized the strong ties between Britain and the Nordic countries.

“There is an enormous breadth and depth in the ties between the Nordic countries and the UK,” said May.

– We have Scandinavian design in our homes. We listen to Sibelius, read Larsson and look at Borgen. Some of us also occasionally dance to Abba, she joked to great laughter from the hall.

May surprised everyone when she selvironically danced to Abba at the Conservative conference speech earlier this autumn.

No new referendum
May also took questions from five representatives from the Nordic Council, and she refuted, among other things, once again that there would be a new referendum on Brexit.

“I will answer as I did to my own national assembly; The British people have had their say. There will not be a new referendum, May said.

This was the first time a British Prime Minister spoke at the Nordic Council.


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