Norwegians have low confidence that others would follow the infection control rules

Bogstadveien in Oslo : Terje Pedersen / NTB scanpix

Only one in four have the confidence that most people in Norway follow the authorities’ infection control advice and guidelines, a recent study shows.

According to analysis agency Opinion’s Norwegian Coronavirus Monitor, 28 percent of the 6,000 respondents stated they would trust most people in Norway follow advice and guidelines to prevent infection. 50 percent said no, while 22 percent were uncertain.

“The confidence we Norwegians have for one another at present is shockingly low,” said senior adviser Nora Clausen of Opinion.

The figures show that confidence among people has stalled lately. At the end of May, almost twice as many, 51 percent, gave an affirmative reply while 28 percent answered “no” and 21 percent were uncertain.

The survey has also mapped out what nearly 10,000 Norwegians believe about the authorities’ decision to reopen society, and whether this is going too fast, at the right pace or too slowly.

Here,  the figures show that 41 per
cent stated that things are going too fast, 50 percent that they are at the right pace and 9 percent that they are going too slowly.

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