Norwegians’ life expectancy is expected to be increased

Elderly people in Norway care for the elderlyElderly. Photo:

Norwegians’ life expectancy is expected to be increased from the current 80 years to around 87 years in 2060 for men and from 84 to 89 years for women, according to Statistics Norway, SSB.

The difference between women’s and men’s life expectancy has been steadily reduced over the past decades and was just under four years in 2015. The difference has not been this small since the 1950s, according to population projection from Statistics Norway (SSB) for 2016-2100.

According to “Statistics Norway”, SSB’s, Norway’s population will become older in coming years. Men’s life expectancy at birth will rise by about seven years until 2060 to 87.2 years. For women it is expected a rise of around five years up to 89.2 years if the projections hit.

Both the aging and population of older people will increase in future. According to the study result the population of 70 years and older group will rise from 11 percent today to 19 per cent in 2060.

In 2015 40 727 people passed away in Norway and among them there are 19,740 men and 20,987 women. According to study the number of dead people exceeds around 64,700 in 2060 while the corresponding figure for 2100 is around 75,700.

This reflects an expected population growth, increase in life expectancy and that the large post-war cohorts will get into the oldest age groups.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today