Norwegians in London ended in the midst of the terrorist chaos

Norwegians Terror attack LondonArmed Police officers stand guard on London Bridge in central London, Saturday, June 3, 2017. A series of attacks on London Bridge and nearby Borough Market in the heart of the British capital Saturday, as witnesses reported a vehicle veering off the road and hitting several pedestrians. (Dominic Lipinski/PA via AP)

Norwegians in London ended in the midst of the terrorist chaos

Norwegians Linn Ellingsen and Petter Jordan sat at a pub in London when the terrorists attacked people on the street right outside. The attackers were killed before they got into the room.


– It is some of the worst I’ve experienced. At one point, we thought we were about to die, the 28-years-old told TV 2.

Ellingsen tells VG that she and her boyfriend had met a friend in the Wheatsheaf pub on Borough Market Saturday night when the three terrorists struck. She tells people started to barricade the doors of the pub with beer barrels and tables.

– I saw people coming running and a man who chased after a woman and a man with machete. I do not know if he hit them, but the woman fell down on the ground before she got away, Ellingsen tells Bergens Tidende.

Panic inside the pub

She says there was panic inside the pub when her boyfriend saw that one attacker was wearing something that resembling a bomb vest.

– Everybody raced backward to what they thought was an emergency exit, but turned out to be a dead end. We had to stay in the pub. When we heard shooting too, we thought it was the terrorists shooting. People were terrified, she says.

Ellingsen’s boyfriend, Petter Jordan, estimates that there were about 20 guests in the public hose when the terrorists tried to get in. The man with machete stood just half a meter outside the window where Jordan was seated.

– People ran backwards because we thought that it was an exit there, but we were squeezed in a small room. We were there for five minutes before the police arrived, but we experienced it as lasting much longer, says the 25-years-old.

Seven people and three terrorists are confirmed killed during the attack. Five people arrested in Barking, reportedly related to the terrorists.


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