Norwegians should prepare for a touch of winter this weekend, according to meteorologists

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Norwegians can expect a weekend of calm weather. The autumn heat many people are experiencing now will disappear in favor of cooler weather and, in many places, snow or rain.

This weekend, new low pressure-areas will come in from the west, but they are of the mild variety.

“It will be as if winter shows up and gives us a taste of what comes later,” on-duty meteorologist Eldbjørg Moxnes at the Meteorological Institute told NTB.

Significantly colder weather

Nordland and Troms og Finnmark will feel the change first. Towards the weekend, it will get significantly colder.

“We will see a gradual transition to colder air and a transition to snow. Also, in Trøndelag and Møre og Romsdal, we expect the snow line to be low, between 200 and 400 meters above sea level,” the meteorologist noted.

Pleasant weather in the east

During Saturday, the low-pressure area will also affect Western Norway and the coast to the south. 

Those who live in the Østafjells area (east of the Langfjellene mountain range) will be sheltered by the low-pressure area that will affect the weather over the rest of the country.

“It will be quite nice weather in the Østafjells area. On Saturday, pleasant weather it is expected, with a little fog. It will be exciting to see if the sun will manage to break through,” Eldbjørg Moxnes told NTB.

On Saturday afternoon, the Østafjells area will also be affected by the low pressure building up in the west. The precipitation that follows the low pressure will result in snow north of Oslo.

“If you haven’t done it before, change to winter tires. They should be on before you drive on the roads this weekend,” the meteorologist warned.

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