Norwegians caught bringing monkey meat into Norway illegally by Customs

Norwegians stopped with camel meat on borderCamel.Photo: Berit Keilen / SCANPIX

An increasing number of people are bringing illegal meat into Norway. Customs has seized meat from both monkeys and other animals at Gardermoen.

More Norwegians are trying to bring ape meat, which is illegal, into Norway,  Customs said to P4.
1038 kg meat and milk products from third world countries were seized at Oslo airport last year. That’s an increase of 20 percent from 2014.
Illegally imported foods may be infectious. Normally  FSA  will examine the meat to find out if  it is produced legally. When illegally imported food shows up, they do not know if  it has been handled and produced in a proper way. This means the meat may contain  dangerous bacteria  .
Section Manager Tor Fredriksen in the Customs at the airport  areasking people to be on guard.
– Customs has not made any statistics that reveals how much of the meat which is ape meat, but over a period of time we have uncovered meat from other animals; like camel, monkey and crocodile.
Fredriksen believes the increasing number of illegal imports has to do with the fact that we travel more.
– We are traveling more than ever before, and we travel farther than we did before. In addition, there are several in Norway of foreign origin who visit their home countries and who bring food from there with them.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today