Norwegians throw away less food after the corona crisis

TomatoesTomatoes.Photo: Gorm Kallestad / NTB scanpix

One-fifth of all Norwegians state that they throw away less food after the corona crisis began. The main reason is that they plan their purchases better.

In addition, Norwegians have had better time to utilize ingredients, writes

The finding came from a Norstat survey on behalf of Too Good To Go.

Norwegians’ eating habits have not had much impact on their wallets. Only 15 per cent say they spend more money on food than before, while 18 per cent say they spend less.

However, one in four states that they have gained new eating habits and cooking skills as a result of the corona crisis. First and foremost, they have become better at using leftovers and making more of the meals themselves. Some have also started experimenting more in the kitchen.

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