Norwegians who started working from home now work 42 minutes more each week

Home office - work from homePhoto: Thomas Brun / NTB

Much of the time that Norwegians save on commuting is now spent on work. Those who have a home office work 42 minutes more each week, a new survey shows.

One third of Norwegian employees still have a lot of home office due to the coronavirus situation. 

They save an average of three and a half hours a week working from home instead of going to the office, according to Dagens Perspektiv.

The data was revealed in a new survey from the analysis agency Kantar and HR Norway.

In the survey, employees answered questions about how they use time that has been freed up due to less commuting. 

42 minutes of extra work each week

One-fifth of the time is spent on working more, which amounts to 42 minutes more work per week.

About 9% of the time goes to professional self-development. 

People spend the rest of the time sleeping longer, on leisure activities, household chores, and with families.

“Converted to kroner and øre, this corresponds to about NOK 7.5 billion in extra value for the business,” general manager Even Bolstad in HR Norway told Dagens Perspektiv.

The survey did not ask whether the employees are paid for the extra hours at work.

“It is good if productivity increases, but if work effort is increased on a lasting basis, employers and employees must agree on how the benefits are to be distributed,” leader of the Akademikerne union Kari Sollien noted.

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