Norwegians are willing to move abroad for dream job

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6 out of 10 Norwegians will move abroad for the right job.
In the first edition of the world’s largest, global labor market analysis, Randstad Work Monitor, six of ten Norwegians answer that they would gladly move abroad for the right job. Thus, Norway is above the global average among the study’s 34 countries, and well ahead of Sweden and Denmark in terms of willingness to move out of the country.

Surveys show that especially the younger working-makers have considerably greater wanderlust compared to some older ones. For example, 78 percent of the Norwegians between 18 and 39 years say that they would like to move abroad, while 42 percent of those over 60 say the same thing, says Camilla Grana, CEO of Randstad Norway.

The Norwegian response rate is almost equal (49/51) among men and women.
-The relatively high, Norwegian response rate is probably partially on the grounds that we are becoming increasingly globalized within business life, and partially because a more turbulent labor here at home in recent years mean that many open eyes and borders for opportunities abroad, she says.

The greatest rating of wanderlust is from India and Mexico, where 85 percent say they like to move abroad. In Denmark, Japan and the Czech Republic, only every third worker is willing to move abroad.
55 per cent (global average) are willing to move abroad for the right job.

The top five:
India 85%
Mexico 85%
Turkey 80%
Chile 80%
Argentina 73%

Norway 59%
Sweden 47%

Five at the bottom:
Slovakia 34%
Denmark 34%
Japan 33%
Czech Republic 33%
Luxembourg 31%


Source: Randstad Work Monitor / Norway Today