Norwegians worried about future skiing

Photo: Norsk Friluftsliv

Norwegians worried about future skiing conditions

In a new survey, half of responders say that they are concerned about future skiing conditions.

This is evident from a recent study by Ipsos, on behalf of the umbrella organization, Norsk Friluftsliv. General Secretary, Lasse Heimdal, understands that people are concerned.

‘’Skiing is an important part of Norwegian outdoor life, but warmer climates will mean that we will get a shorter snow season all over the country than we have today. Skiing is an important reason why we get out and move in an otherwise dark winter season, so it is clear that the shortened season is a cause for concern’’ he said.

A sample of 1000 people got the question: ‘In view of climate change, are you worried about future skiing?’ Half (50%) of the respondents are concerned, with an even distribution among all respondents. Oslo is the region where people are most concerned.

Here, 58% answered yes to the question.Women also care more than men; 57% of the women answered yes, compared to 43% of the men.

Will extend the ski season

The skiing community are among those who have put in place measures to ensure the ski conditions also in snowy winters. The latest news is a project that will collect and share knowledge about running on small amounts of snow.

“Our trail crew has systematically collected knowledge about how to run tracks and how the ski tracks should be prepared for them to last as long as possible,” said Erik Eide, Secretary General of the Ski Association.

The ‘Association’ (Skiforeningen) now wants to share this knowledge with a new network for skiers across the country. They have, for several years, been working on collecting expertise on how to prepare trails with little snow, and what is needed for the trails to last longer in the season. The project is supported in the national budget by NOK 1 million.

“Through increased expertise and good preparation.
I am absolutely sure that we will also be able to offer good skiing opportunities where people live in the foreseeable future. We will continue to enjoy the winter,” said Eide.

Threats to winter and skiing

A warmer climate means that over the next 100 years we will have shorter snow seasons all over the country than we have today. The changes will be greatest in the lowlands, which could get up to several months shorter snow season up until 2100.

The maximum snow volume throughout the year will also be reduced in most places. The largest reduction will take place in higher areas in Western Norway and in Nordland, and on the coast of Troms and Finnmark.

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