Not even close to cigar, says Willoch

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Not grave enough to bring the Government down, says Willoch

Former Prime Minister and grand old man of Norwegian politics, Kåre Willoch (Conservatives), believes that the Listhaug issue is not serious enough to axe the Government.


The Nestor of the Conservative party also believes that Prime Minister Erna Solberg does the only right thing when she gives no quarter.

– I have reached the conclusion that this case is not serious enough to fell the Government. I think it would be meaningless if the matter is to make management of the country more difficult, Willoch tells the newspaper Dag og tid (Day and Time).

Makes little sense

Willoch stresses towards Nettavisen that the interview was conducted before the last turn of events in the Parliament on Thursday.

– But viewed in conjunction with the aplogies that Listhaug made to the Parliament, which nota bene has the Prime Minister’s stamp of approval, it makes little sense to replace the Government at this point in time, Willoch says to Nettavisen.

He feels that the Prime Minister is doing the right thing when she threatens to resign.

– I understand the Prime Minister perfectly. She does the only right thing. The Progress Party (Frp) has made it crystal clear that it is unaccpeptable for them to remain in the Government if Listhaug gets a vote of no confidence cast against her in the Parliament, says Willoch to NRK.

Use of language

The former Prime Minister believes the opposition should shelve the vote of no confidence.

– For the sake of Norway and overall political stability, it is imperative that this matter is put to rest sooner rather than later, he says.

Willoch emphasizes to Dag og Tid that one must believe what people say regarding their motives during political debates.

– In general, it’s a bonus for all debates that we believe in what the other party says regarding their motives. When everything is said and done, one should be able to accept that some expletives are harsher than they were meant to be. Listhaug for instance uses a language that is not always top notch. Unfortunately, she is not the only one to do so, says the grand old man of the Conservative party, Kåre Willoch.


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