Nothing dangerous in suspicious package

the military base at Kolsås in BærumThe military base at Kolsås in Bærum.Photo: Terje Bendiksby / NTB scanpix

Four people were sent to hospital after a package was opened in a military camp at Kolsås in Bærum on Friday afternoon.All four were released later in the day.


Material from the package was sent to the Norwegian Defense Research Institute for investigation.The results of the tests were received on Friday night and it turned out that the material did not contain anything dangerous.

“We do not know why these people got ill.The samples showed nothing wrong with the material in the package’’ said operations manager,Tore Solberg of Oslo police district to NRK news.


The package arrived at the post office in the military camp at around 12.30 on Friday. After the package was opened, four people felt sick and they were taken to hospital.

“The four were driven to Ullevål Hospital after feeling discomfort after opening a package. The people were well looked after by health professionals’’ said communications advisor, Jannicke Hauan Strand, of ‘Defence Materials’ to NTB news.

Safe sender

She said that the emergency services were called immediately, and on-site investigations were conducted on Friday.

‘’The sender was familiar and safe. We are uncertain about what made the people sick” said police deputy leader,Tore Barstad.

The four were released from the hospital at 18.00 on Friday.

NATO headquarters

The Armed Forces have several departments at Kolsås. Defence Logistics Organization,Cyber Defence,National Security Authority,Defence Building and Oslo Garrison Management are all located at the facility in Bærum.

NATO’s headquarters in Norway were in Kolsås camp until 1994.


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